Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Landscapes inside landscapes

Hi Friends,

This past month I had my very first exhibition in an art gallery. So exciting!

I have been working on a new range of artworks and I used 4 of my latest sketches for this exhibition.
After some hard work and hours in the studio the following paintings emerged from my heart.

Some elements represent the Western Cape, some elements represent the heart of the believing and praying women of South Africa for their families and homes and communities, some elements represent the Eastern Cape villages that my husband photographed when on a work trip some years back. I still have some ideas and two more sketches that need to be painted and finished.

I am in progress to upgrade the online shop so we will be able to add lots more products soon.

We have prints, calendars and greeting cards available but not yet uploaded to the shop. I have been able to upload at least two calendars and more will be coming soon. 

Here are some examples of the calanders available:

 Greeting cards available:

In the meantime you can contact me for any inquiries. 

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